Tips and Advice for Cheaper Car Insurance.

Make your car as secure as possible. Park off road if possible, in a garage or driveway. If your car does not already have one get a good alarm and immobiliser fitted. Modern cars have much better security built into them than older cars. Older cars have become more of a target because they are generally easier to break into and take away. Use a steering wheel lock and if the value of the car justifies it consider having a Tracker system fitted.

Thatcham approved alarms are the best, but if an insurance company is to give you a discount they may insist that such devices are professionally fitted. And expensive add-ons such as allow wheels attract thieves.

Pay a Higher Voluntary Excess. Policies will usually have a standard excess based on the age of the driver, This is usually between £100 and £200. It is worth seeing what effect it would have on the cost of the insurance if you increase this amount, maybe up to £500 plus. Some insurance companies give more weight to this factor than others so it is worth shopping around and trying different Voluntary Excess amounts to see what effect they have.

Insurance bought online can often give you a discount compared to buying from a High Street broker or by phone. Discounts of 10% and more are often available.

Get Higher Driving Qualifications. The Pass Plus was designed by the Driving Standards Agency (DSA) for young drivers who have recently passed their test. It covers aspects of driving that might not have been covered while learning to drive. These are

Town driving, All-weather driving, Driving out of town, Night driving, Driving on dual carriageways, Driving on motorways

This course can only be completed within 12 months of passing the driving test. It is split into several modules and a certificate is awarded at the end of the course to show that you have successfully completed it. Getting this Pass Plus qualification can bring real benefits to your car insurance. Always tell the insurance company if you have this. It can get you a good discount.

Young drivers might find it worthwhile if they add an older, more experienced driver to their car insurance, such as a parent who is likely to drive their car. This may or may not have any effect but it is worth trying to see if an insurance company would give some weight to this factor.

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