How to lower the cost of Motor Insurance

You can reduce the cost of motor insurance by lowering your car's 'risk' factor by:

Parking off the road, e.g. on a driveway or in your garage.
Remove modifications such as aftermarket alloy wheels which are a target for car thieves.
Choosing a higher voluntary excess can make a big difference to the cost of insurance.
If you get online quotes you are usually able to play around with the voluntary excess to see what difference it makes. The standard excess amount is about £150. Increasing this to maybe £300 should lower the cost. But be realistic. Only have an amount that you could afford if you have to make a claim.

Installing a good car alarm, especially if the car is an older one. Newer cars now have much better factory fitted security.
Consider installing a Tracker system or a Thatcham approved alarm will save you money on your insurance. And they should be professionally fitted. Different companies give a different "weight" to these things so you should get several different quotes.

Your annual mileage is an other factor that affects the cost of insurance. If you drive below the average of 10000 miles a year this can help lower the premium.

Naming yourself as the only driver if this is possible.

Additional driving qualifications will also help. The Pass Plus course for younger drivers is strongly recommended.

Avoid paying monthly if possible. This can add a lot to the overall cost of the premium. Pay the full amount up front if possible. Consider using an interest free credit card if this is possible.

Don't leave anything on display in your car, even if it is parked on your own drive. Always leave things out of sight in the boot.
Always take removable items such as car stereos and Sat Navs out of the vehicle. Do not hide them in the vehicle. Car thieves know where to look.
Do not leave your car keys inside the house near the front door. Thieves are able to use devices to the keys through the letter box

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