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I followed your instructions and now have a bank account and credit card. Your step by step system is brilliant.. J Stanford, Exeter

I previously used a credit repair firm to sort out my finances. They charged a lot and promised a lot and in the end did nothing. With your system I have been able to do it all myself and at no cost. Glad I found your website. Pat Johnstone, Dundee

Just want to say thanks. Your information is genuine and very helpful. I am now getting in control of my finances. Sue Henderson, Cardiff

Thanks for your great system. The pre-written letters have made it very easy for me to go through my credit history and get things cleared up. I have now got credit again. T G Matthews, Luton

I have just got my first credit card! Thanks to you and your excellent information. I feel I am moving forward now. D R Scott, Flint

Your information on credit scoring was amazing. I was able to work out my own score and improve it. I have now got a loan. Everything is explained so clearly. I would recommend you to anyone. M R Williams, Peterlee

I just want to thank you for the help and advice you gave. I have just opened a new bank account with overdraft. Getting your information was the best investment I have ever made. A Carson, Stoke

What you sent me was just what I needed. Everything was so easy to follow. Your information on removing searches and old information was brilliant. My credit file is now clean. Thanks so much. Doug Southwood, Walton

I followed your instructions and was amazed to see all the inaccuracies in my credit file. No wonder I was getting turned down. With the help of your system and sample letters I have now cleaned everything up. I am now considered credit worthy again. Thank you. R J Walters, Hough Green

I have been trying so long to get a card. I now have one thanks to your information. Very impressed. Mrs Simmonds

I wish I had found your site sooner. It would have saved me a lot of money and wasted time. I have now got credit status again and a credit card. Now I know how to use credit sensibly. Thanks. P Nicholson, Ampthill