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The most powerful Credit Repair System for removing ccj's and defaults. Completely legal and effective.

Fully updated for 2023

Now You can Quickly, Easily and Legally Repair Your Credit History

The Most Comprehensive Method of UK Credit Repair Ever Written

We take you inside the UK Credit System, and reveal what they don't want you to know

Pre-Written Letters - Everything You Need to Get Out Of Debt and Rebuild Your Credit. These Letters are essential if you want to rebuild your credit.

You can take advantage of Government legislation that allows you to clear your debts by repaying only what you can comfortably afford for a set fixed period of time.

  • Up to 75% of your debts (including all interest and charges) can be written off.
  • Prevent any legal action against you
  • Cancel out any existing CCJs
  • Avoid Bankruptcy

    Credit Repair System

  • How to clear old debts from your credit file
  • 13 Ways to Remove CCJ's and Defaults
  • How to Remove excessive searches and out of date information
  • How to Get a Clean Credit History
  • What Lenders Look For When You Apply For Credit
  • How to Check Your Credit Score - And Improve It

    Get a Credit Card

  • Even if you have bad credit history - or no credit rating at all
  • How to Get a Credit Card With No Credit Check
  • Guaranteed Acceptance Cards - even if you are new to credit, have a poor credit rating or been declined elsewhere

    Get Debt Free

  • How to Clear All Your Debts
  • Where to Get Adverse Credit and Unsecured Loans
  • Bank Accounts for anyone with poor credit history
  • Debt Consolidation - Full Debt Management
  • Fact

    You are not on a credit blacklist.

    There is no such thing.

    You can get credit again even if you have previously been refused.

    Credit Cards With No Credit Check

    Guaranteed Bank Accounts

    Adverse Credit Loans

    13 Ways to Remove CCJ's

    Write Off up to 75% of Debt

    Credit Scoring Secrets

    Remove Old Debts

    Get a Clean Credit History


    What you sent me was just what I needed. Everything was so easy to follow. Your information on removing searches and old information was brilliant. My credit file is now clean. Thanks so much. Doug Southwood, Walton