Things That A Credit Card Cannot Do For You by PETER KENNY

Credit cards are one of the best financial tools you can have, but they can also be dangerous and leave you with lots of debt. If you are thinking about getting a credit card, then it important that you know the downsides as well as the benefits. This will help you to use your credit card more wisely and avoid getting into debt. Here is some advice what a credit card cannot do for you. It cannot make you richer Although having a credit card will improve your cash flow and financial independence, it does not make you richer. Many people who get into credit card debt do so because they see their credit limit as their own money. In fact, that credit limit is simply the amount that you can borrow from your card issuer. Instead of making you richer, every time you spend on your card you are pushing yourself into debt. The only way to stay out of this debt is to make sure you can afford to pay back what you spend. It cannot stop your debt problems Many people get hold of credit cards because they think a credit card will help them solve their current debt problems. If you are spending more than your income then using a credit card is not a good idea. Credit cards are an expensive form of borrowing, and charging things to a card will delay your problems and put you further into debt. If you are having problems with debt then consult a debt counsellor who can help you find the best way to manage your problems. It cannot save you money Although credit cards are a great convenience and can help you to buy purchases beyond your immediate means, credit cards donít usually save you money. For example, if you decide to buy something on credit in the sale and pay for it over time, the interest payments will usually cost you more than the saving you made on the item. Credit cards usually cost you money rather than save you money. Also, the interest that you pay and the fees that you are subject to outweigh the rewards that you are usually offered on credit cards. So why get credit cards? Although credit cards can put you into debt and can be dangerous, if you are sensible and know about the risks they can be of great use. Credit cards are much more secure than using cash or cheques, and allow you to shop online where you really can save money. Also, carrying around a card is a lot more convenient than carrying around large sums of money, especially if you are travelling abroad. Furthermore, a credit card allows you to buy items that you can afford, just not all in one go. Although saving up for expensive items is more sensible, this is not always possible and credit cards allow you more freedom to spend. If you can try and pay the balance off in full each month, then you will get the most out of your credit card and avoid the things that credit cards cannot help you with.

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