Unsecured Personal Loan - the riskless loan

by JAKE NATHAN Article Posted: 12/08/2006

Nn lay parlance, an unsecured personal loan is personal loan having a fixed interest rate and requiring no collateral or security. A financial crisis can come to anybody and at any time. In years passed, loan taking was more exception than norm. These days, the scenario is a lot different. There are a surfeit of lenders to choose from, each trying their their best to pull the customers. A homeowner can easily get a secured loan. However, for a tenant or a student, getting a secured loan is not possible. In this situation, an unsecured personal loan becomes the best and perhaps the only viable option. With the absence of a physical guarantee as security, a borrower’s repayment ability is thoroughly checked by the loan officers. To counter the risk of loaning money to an unknown commodity, the lender expectedly charges a relatively higher rate of interest. The lack of collateral means that payback capacity of the customer is evaluated through:
* annual income,
* bank statements, and
* employment documents
Loan amounts vary between £5, 000 to £25,000. Borrowers have a choice of either taking a monthly or a flexible repayment option. An unsecured personal loan is a multipurpose loan and it's the borrowers prerogative to use it any which way he wants. Borrowers with less than satisfactory credit records are also eligible for unsecured personal loans.

Article Source: http://www.amazines.com