Easy ways to safe and sound unsecured loans!

13th December 2006 Author: Kirthy Shetty

The most fast and risk-free loan in UK loan market is the unsecured loan option. As the name implies such unsecured loans are obtained by the borrowers without pledging any collateral against the loan offered by the lender. Unlike secured loan option, the borrower will not be laying aside his property or home against the loan offered to him as a security with the lender, with failure of unsecured loan repayment he does not risk his collateral.

A lender will definitely carry out a credit check to find out if you have been a problem case this before. Your credit report will reflect if you have faced any ccj, bankruptcy or have any loan defaults. If you have actually faced any of these, you are considered a risky-case as you may default on the loan payment again. However, you may qualify for a separate category under unsecured loan known as bad credit unsecured loan.

Who is eligible for unsecured loan UK?

A wide spectrum of borrower qualifies for unsecured any purpose loans. Right from tenants to homeowners, from the one with good credits, no credits to imperfect credits. Be it CCJ, foreclosures, IVA, mortgage arrears, loan defaults they all have a chance for raising unsecured funds but as discussed earlier they will be covered under a separate category.

With bank loans such borrowers with bad credits and tenants without any collateral are considered as risky case and will be turned down on loans. Unsecured loans come as a blessing in disguise for all those who have been refused for loans on grounds of not having good credits or sound equity.

Purpose of an unsecured loan:

Home improvement
Educational fees
Small business needs
Medical or other financial emergencies
Debt consolidation
Holidaying etc

But such loans will definitely come at a higher price. Unlike secured loan option, unsecured loans are priced higher due to the risk factor faced by the lender. Such loans are offered at a higher Annual Percentage Rate which is between 5.5% and 8% and a shorter repayment period. Usually it lasts for about 7, 14 or sometimes 30 days and hence itís popularly known as pay day loans as it lasts till your last pay day or your salary day. It serves best to raise small loan amount to meet your immediate financial emergencies and at a time when all other banks refuse you loans. No collateral verification is carried out which in turn quickens your loan approval process. Sometimes it just takes an hour to approve such loans.
However, the advantages of unsecured loans outweigh the disadvantages and involve no risk. He /she can safely opt for such loans if he/she is a tenant or is unwilling to pledge his/her collateral. Make use of such easy and safe unsecured loans to meet your personal needs any time.

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