Free Credit Cards: Zero Percent Apr And No Annual Fee

By: Fruzsina Csery

Cardholders can use their credit cards for absolutely free by using a credit card that has a zero percent APR and no annual fee.

The best kind of credit card is one that is absolutely free. Many people donít realize that when you pay an annual fee and/or interest rate for a credit card, they are essentially paying for the convenience of using the credit card Ė of purchasing items at one point in time and paying for those items later. A free credit card is one that has no interest rate and no annual fee.

Credit card issuers are beginning to offer these free credit cards for as a way to entice people to use their credit cards. As with most things there is usually a catch to a credit card that has a zero percent APR and no annual fee.

While you can commonly find a credit card that does not have an annual fee, credit cards with zero percent APR, while they are common, are not as easy to obtain. Good credit is a major factor that credit card issuers take into account when deciding the consumers that should receive a zero percent APR on the credit card.

Once you receive a zero percent APR credit card, it is important to know that the absent interest rate wonít last forever. Typically, the zero percent is just an introductory rate that lasts somewhere between six months and one year depending on the terms offered by the credit card issuer.

A few more strings are attached to credit cards that have a zero percent interest rate. Usually, the zero percent rate will only apply to balance transfers or purchases made with the credit card, but hardly ever both. What this means is that certain types of balances on your credit card will be subject to the variable interest rate set by the credit card issuer.

Whenever a credit card has different interest rates for different types of balances, the credit card company applies your monthly payments to the balance with the lowest interest rate. Until you have paid off that balance in full, the other part of your balance will continue to accrue interest.

For example, if a credit card offers zero percent APR on balance transfers and you transfer a balance of $500. Later you make $200 in purchases using the credit card. When you send in a payment each month, it will go toward the $500 balance transfer until it has been paid in full. Meanwhile, the $200 balance will increase each month because interest is being capitalized.

The best way to take advantage of a free credit card is to fully understand the terms you must abide by for the card to be free. Only use the credit card for that purpose and you will receive the full benefit of zero percent APR and no annual fee.

Article Source: http://www.articlecube.com